Guided Healing: Healing by Analogy

Guided Healing: Healing by Analogy

“I set before you Life and Death, Blessing and Curse. Choose Life…for you and your offspring.”   Devarim/Deut. 30:19

We follow false gods: misguided love, confusion, dysfunctional family patterns, fear. We befriend falsehood, emotional tyranny, emptiness, or self-effacement. We think we are doing so to survive, and survive well. But our bodies know better–and react with pain, blockage, and stress.

In Guided Healing, we step back and see our choices from a higher place. We affirm the good quality in us from which the misguided dysfunction emanates. We use the power of analogy: just as we can choose Death and Pain, we can choose G-d and Life. Just as we see someone else choosing G-d and Life, we can choose G-d and Life as well.

Analogies help release our Free Will to choose to abandon false loyalties. In exposing false gods for what they are, we return to truth, freedom, love, creativity, healing–and our true souls.


“My husband and father are trying to force me into a psychiatric hospital,” said “Dalia” over the phone. Dalia’s cousin, a client of mine, recommended she see me. This mother of 5 had had three breakdowns since the age of 16, in which she didn’t know where she was and became dysfunctional for long periods of time. Hubby and Dad wanted her treated “properly,” with drugs.

I knew that I must help her, that she needed my help, and that ultimately she would be a great healer herself. I thought back to a student formerly on drugs for being bipolar, but when she came to Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin and found Torah and spirituality, she no longer needed her drugs. Dalia’s guardian angels were obviously asking for more than pills.

I treated Dalia for 2 1/2 hours. During the session, I was “told” that her breakdowns stemmed from an issue of abandonment by her mother. Indeed, it turned out later that her first breakdown at 16 happened during a 3-day high school tiyul shnati (field trip). Previously, she had been an A student, she said.

I looked back in time at her mother, her mother’s mother, her mother’s mother’s mother–trying to find one mother among Dalia’s ancestors who had been stable. Usually in an Ashkenazi family you don’t go back more than 4–or at most 7–generations before finding an intact family that can source generational love.

“I’ve gone back 12 or 13 generations on your mother’s side,” I told her, amazed, “and I did not find ONE generation that didn’t have a serious death.”

“Oh, yes,” she brushed off the information. “Didn’t you know that life in Yemen was very hard?”

I knew Yemenites ate an inedible fenugreek spread that was supposed to be so healthy the women would have babies into their 50s. What no one mentions is that so many Yemenite Jewesses didn’t make it to their 50s.

We continued to work and, just before my taxi arrived, her Third Eye opened.

She called me the following week from the psychiatric hospital. “What is the Third Eye?” she asked. I did my best in my 6th grade level Hebrew. “The Third Eye helps you see things in a deeper way, with more bina (understanding).”

I tried an example. “Let’s say you see a boy walking along. With your normal vision, you might just notice he is a boy walking. But with your Third Eye, you might notice that he is a good person, that he wants to do good in the world, and he is waiting for someone to show him how.”

“What if I see he is doing something bad?” she asked me nervously.

“You look at his qualities deeper, with your Third Eye,” I explained. “You tell him, ‘Oh, I see you are a good fighter. Did you know you can fight for good in the world, or you can choose to use your quality for bad–like to beat up small children.’ Then you help him direct his energies for good.”

This was simple. She liked it. But she still felt unsettled. “How will I know how to take care of my children?”

“How do you WANT to take care of your children?”

“With warmth, love….”

“What is stopping you from taking care of your children with warmth and love?”

“I am here, in this hospital….”

“Why are you in the hospital?”

“Because I don’t know how to function,” she answered, miserably. “What if I see myself doing something bad?”

Hashem had already provided the answer.  “Then you tell yourself, with your Third Eye: ‘I have this quality. I can use it for good or for bad.’ And then you tell yourself how to use it for good.”

She was smiling over the phone. She understood now. “When will I get out of this place?” she asked me.

“Ask your neshama.”

“My neshama says, ‘In a week.'”

“Ask your neshama why you will get out in a week.”

“Because I will request it,” she answered.

“Do you feel you will be able to leave in a week and take care of your children?”

“Oh, yes!”


Dina was worried what to do next. She wanted to go to India but was afraid.

“Why are you afraid of going to India?” I asked.

“I might stop being religious,” she replied.

“Why do you think you might stop being religious?”

“Because I had a religious friend who went to India and she came back non-religious.”

“Ask her neshama, from your heart to her heart, why she became non-religious.”

“She feels free,” answered Dina.

“What does she need to feel free from?”

“Oh, everything. She can do what she feels like now.”

“What can she do now that she couldn’t do before?”

“She says she feels ‘cool’ now.”

“Uh-huh. Ask her what else makes her feel cool. Maybe she is very intuitive?”

“Oh, yes, she is very intuitive. She helps a lot of people!”

“Ask her why she doesn’t use her intuition to feel cool.”

“She does.”

“Ask her how she would rather feel cool–act non-religious or use her intuition to help people.”

“She’s thinking.”

It was clear that our exchange had helped clarify values for our friend’s neshama. Dina seemed ready to go down a more fortuitous path. But there was more–an analogy….

“Dina, we just showed what you will do when you get to India. You will find Israelis there like your friend who have lost their way and are trying to find themselves. You will use your own intuition to help them return to Judaism and to their own neshamot.

“Wow, that’s exciting!” said Dina. “I am really looking forward to going now!”

Young Mother from Serbia

“Are you healthy?” asked a young mother in a worried voice.

“Yes, why?”

“Well, my grandfather is sick and I was worried you are too.”

Her logic eluded me but clearly she needed someone to talk to.

“I’m not sick but maybe there IS something to talk about. Would you like to find a shady place to sit?”

She nodded gratefully. Her grandfather back in Serbia was ill from alcohol. He beat her grandmother often and she was upset over this, but more upset that she might lose her grandfather to his illness.

“Why are you upset to lose your grandfather if he beats your grandmother?”

She thought for a moment. “Because if I’m not upset, then people will think I am disloyal.”

“Do you believe in G-d?” I asked.

“Oh, YES!”

“Then tell those people, from your heart to their heart, ‘I am extremely loyal. And from now on, I am loyal to myself, my family, and to G-d.'”

The redirect worked. We had affirmed her loyalty but only toward Good. She looked relaxed and happy. A proud and satisfied smile swept across her face as she felt her self-worth and her new freedom from others’ twisted and tyrannical demands on her right to choose to whom to be loyal.




Energy Healing: Is It Kosher?

Energy Healing: Is It Kosher?

You may be asked whether the healing you do is kosher. Here are questions that I have asked rebbeim (rabbis) that may help:

Asking Questions of Neshamas Who Have Passed Away

Q: May we contact and ask questions of the dead?

Background: A young woman had come to me for sinus issues. She had been particularly connected to a grandmother who had recently passed. As we progressed in our Guided Healing session, I noticed someone who appeared to be the client’s mother’s mother hovering around the ceiling in the northwest corner of the room. She appeared to want to help, so I asked Granny questions directly and relayed her responses. I was getting remarkable answers when the young lady suddenly said, “We need to be careful about ‘contacting the dead.'”

It was clear that Granny wanted–I would say, was anxious–to tell us things but she didn’t volunteer them. We had to address her and ask her each question. It was our initiating the various parts of this back-and-forth conversation with Granny (who was already present in the room) that bothered the young lady as a halachic question.

A: Rabbi Daniel Kohn, Rav of Bat Ayin

Rav Daniel said it was fine–that the Lubavitcher rebbe used to go to his father’s grave to ask questions. If our asking her questions was how Granny wanted to communicate with us, it was entirely fine to do it her way.

The issur (prohibition) about “contacting the dead” is specifically about the yedoni–which involves rattling certain bones to raise the dead.

Are Family Constellations Kosher?

Q: Are Family Constellations kosher? After all, it seems like contacting the dead.

A: Rabbi Daniel Kohn, Rav of Bat Ayin

Yes, it is fine. [Rav Daniel explained that he has personally experienced a Family Constellation-like mode in which you act as a representative for someone else, and when you are done, you just return to your normal self.]

Q: But maybe it is avoda zara?

A: How can it be avoda zara? You are not bowing down to anything.


Jewish Family Constellations: Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh l’Zeh

Jewish Family Constellations: Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh l’Zeh

In the non-Jewish world, Family Constellations are beautifully linear. You stand in an orderly lineup of one generation behind the another. You don’t speak unless told what to say. You wait for the facilitator to tell you what to do next. And if the facilitator says you feel something and you disagree, you do NOT argue. Very Yekkishe (Yiddish for German-orderliness)–everyone in his “platz” (place).

This is as it should be, as Bert Hellinger and my other Family Constellations teachers have largely been German. Even when Hellinger facilitates Family Constellations in Israel for Holocaust survivors (Rachel Weeping for her Children), everyone seems to obediently follow the script.

Linear vs Exploded View

Trouble is, when a Jew facilitates Family Constellations for Jews, the fake orderliness blows apart. And no one prepares you….

Trouble is, when a Jew facilitates Family Constellations for Jews, the fake orderliness blows apart. And no one prepares you….

Take my first time student-facilitating a Family Constellation for “Leah”–my class’s only other Jew. Here’s Leah’s Father– stooped and crumpled on the floor, loosely surrounded by a mess of family members. Across the room, Leah’s Mother and all her line are livid about something and strewn about in a disheveled mass. Leah’s screaming that I should not work on the mother’s side of the family, but the father’s side. There’s no calm anywhere and no obvious direction to turn. I look up helplessly at my teacher.

“I don’t know where to go with this,” I admit.

“Sit down,” she replies. It was the only merciful thing to do. She takes over and later invites me to sit by her in front of the class.  “Any questions?” she asks me.

“Yes,” I said. Everyone in my Seattle Family Constellations class knew I was going back to Israel, so I was frank. “For those of us who are going to do a lot of Jewish Family Constellations, are they different from normal–I mean non-Jewish–Constellations?”

“Yes,” she said. “Every Family Constellation I have facilitated for “Leah” has taken 2 1/2 hours [a “normal” Family Constellation takes half that time]. In an Irish Family Constellation,” she continued, “The father would just leave. In the Jewish Family Constellations, they don’t leave each other. They just get entangled.”

In the Jewish Family Constellations, they don’t leave each other. They just get entangled.

Kol Yisrael Areivim

That was the key. That’s why things are SO complicated in Jewish Family Constellations. Kol Yisrael areivim zeh l’zeh. Each Jew is responsible for each other.

Now you may argue that you know of a Jewish family in which the father left the family. But Family Constellations show an entirely different picture of a Jewish family’s norm.

Connecting Independently to the Spiritual World

Family Constellations highlight another difference between Jews and the “normal” world: we connect independently to the spiritual world. (I include, as Jews, conversion students who are not yet Jewish.) You see, in my Seattle class, we were taught to stand close to the rep who needs to say something, and we will feel what needs to be said.  We then tell the representative what to say.

When I tell this to my Jewish Family Constellation participants here in Israel, they get indignant. Here are excerpts from a letter I wrote to my teacher, in which I am curious how Jewish Family Constellations differ from “normal” constellations and what this tells us about ourselves as Jews:

Wind-Up Toy

First, I hardly have to do any facilitating. I don’t even open with a warm-up exercise to open their hearts, like your ringing your crystal bowl.  I just say something like, “Let’s see what’s in X’s heart. X, how do you feel now? and How would you like to feel by the end of this constellation?” and let things roll. Everybody in the Family Constellation automatically knows exactly what to do–even if it is their first time seeing a Constellation. They know what to speak–and, amazingly, they come up with the same statements that we have learned from you–on their own! If I suggest a statement that doesn’t resonate with their situation, they will express their disagreement LOUD and CLEAR. And then they come up with a deadly accurate statement that I could never have come up with. When I tell them I was taught that the facilitator had to come up with the “statements,” they look at me like I’m crazy and ask loudly, “Why?!” They already know exactly what to say and don’t want someone interfering with their abilities to reveal the truth.
All I have to do is set up the constellation like some wind-up toy and sit back and watch. Of course sometimes I add people or suggest a break-through somewhere. But when I do, I tell people why I am doing it as if we are all learning general principles (which we are).
And so my facilitating Jewish constellations is a little more relaxed than facilitating in Learning Circle.  Even when, like a few weeks ago, I had to facilitate a constellation not only in Hebrew/English but also French! Things just seem to take their course to a very powerful, moving, and loving place.

Relating to Grandparents & Great-Grandparents

A second difference is the Jewish Client’s strong connection to relatives further back. I recently facilitated a Family Constellation for the Whole Health Forum outside Jerusalem. We did a beautifully linear constellation. Each representative going back 4 generations, plus the Homeland, had all made peace with each other in turn, including the Client’s representative.  All looked well when I invited the Client to take her place in the Constellation. We had 10 minutes left. I was starting to feel relaxed because the conference had only given me an hour and 15 minutes to work and, as you know, this is half the time we really need, and it really looked like we were going to make the deadline!
Suddenly the Client became hostile. She would not even LOOK at her Mom’s rep, with whom her rep had already made peace. Something went unexpectedly wrong. But what?
I thought quickly–something is out of alignment. “Do you have anything to tell your grandmother?” I asked the Client. Boy, did she! She could not deal with her Mom until she had stepped back a generation and given her grandmother a piece of her mind!  We even had to let her communicate with her great-grandmother for a moment. Fortunately, things were worked out and, with about 3 minutes left in the session, the Client completed a beautiful constellation with her Mom’s rep.

Cousins Three-Times Removed

A third difference is how far from the direct family line we Jews are emotionally connected. Last week I facilitated my own constellation. The Family Constellation showed that I was influenced by relatives in a “side” line whom I never knew about: my great-grandmother’s siblings who had apparently lost children in the Holocaust. Not only was I unaware that my great-grandmother had siblings, but I didn’t know we had lost relatives in the Holocaust. The word Holocaust was never mentioned in my home growing up and as far as I knew, we were an intact family: both my mother’s parents were US-born; both my father’s parents grew up in the US; and all their siblings were in the US. I had never suspected anything among my great-grandparents’ forgotten siblings.
When you debriefed my facilitating X’s constellation last fall, I began to understand how all Jews are responsible for each other. I am only now, through facilitating constellations here in Israel, able to see some of the extent of this responsibility.
What happens when a Family Constellation turns “entangled” into “loving and responsive”? Just a few minutes after our post-constellation ice cream party, I became aware of people standing behind me for the first time. Not just anyone, but a large and continuously supportive family. This took me by surprise because I had done 6 constellations already and although I have felt more grateful after the first constellation, the others had not affected me in any positive way.  Maybe they brought up more anger and feelings of being misunderstood–but that’s about all.
Now before last week’s constellation, whenever I would think of my family, I would want to grab an emotional crash helmet. In my family of birth, I never knew when I was going to be attacked for being who I am. I never knew when most of my family would make up some narrative about me instead of seeing the precious gold I was mining in this lifetime of connection. Once I felt the strength and power of the amazing family and ancestors that now back me, I realized how marginalized my family had always seemed to me. Sort of like a washed out sidewalk-chalk-portrait after a rain….and it was all I could do to try to get them to help me sometimes, only to watch their backs as they ran away from anything I needed them for. Now, power, power, power is all I feel from them!
I am curious about who these perished people were. Yes, we had dealt with some of those who perished in the pogroms in a constellation with you this past fall–but there were more people who had experienced pogroms and of course the Holocaust who made their presence known last week. I am willing to love them also and call them my own–now that I know they exist somewhere. I don’t feel lost looking for someone I don’t know anymore!
What is open now is more willingness to heal in any direction possible.  I hope to delve deeper into what it means to be a healed person and, more importantly for the Jewish people, what it means to be a healed Jew.







Masks, Angels, & Homeopathy

Masks, Angels, & Homeopathy

When we first bought Lizzie–a beautiful chocolate brown Alpine goat–she was so skittish that you couldn’t get near her. She would run away and jump onto something high or hide behind the hayfeeder.

That is, until she met Eera, our homeopathic veterinarian. You see, in our section of Israel, many goats get abscesses. Lizzie did too. My landlady, from whom I had bought Lizzie, said airily, “Just wave your hand and the energy will break up the abscess.”  I did what I could, being an energy healer, but nothing worked. For 9 months, the abscess got bigger and bigger. Finally, a vet visited for another reason, saw Lizzie, and said the abscess was very dangerous. Eera said simply, “I know what to do for the abscess.”

“How much do you charge for lancing an abscess?” I asked.

“Let’s first see the abscess,” she replied quietly.

“No, I don’t want to begin until I know your price,” I said. I didn’t want to have any misunderstanding about why I was hiring her.

She refused to tell me her price for lancing. “Let’s just see,” she said, leaving me and entering the pen. I lingered behind to lock the gate after us.

A moment later, she returned to me, triumphant.  “Ein tzorech–there’s no need!” she said.

“There’s no need for what?” I asked.

“There’s no need to lance the abscess. It’s opened on its own.”  Sure enough, the abscess was open and draining.

“What? Did you do anything to her?” I asked, in disbelief. There had not been time to catch Lizzie, much less treat the abscess, in the short time it had taken to latch the gate.

“No, it opened on its own,” she replied.

“Eera, that abscess hasn’t healed in 9 months. In fact, it has only gotten worse and worse. You mean to tell me that all you did was walk into the pen and the abscess opened on its own?”

Tamid kacha–it’s always like that.”

Tamid kacha?” I asked. I was confused.


I began to understand why Eera did not have a set price for lancing abscesses. It was because she never had to.

“Eera,” I begged her. “How does that work?”

Lo yadat sheh al kateif kol rofeh yosheiv mal’ach?” she asked. Didn’t you know that on the shoulder of every doctor sits an angel?

I was stunned. But that was only the beginning. Eera gave Lizzie a constitutional remedy to strengthen her immune system. It didn’t, in the end, totally prevent more abscesses, but it did fix something else….

After a few days, Lizzie was no longer nervous Nellie. She was totally relaxed, sensuous, always approaching me with her face tilted up at an angle so I could give her a facial massage. She then took a full-body massage–up to 40 minutes long–every day. She had turned into a pussy cat.

Eera came for a follow-up a few days later.  “Eera,” I said, “Something has happened to Lizzie. She’s not crazy anymore.”

“Yes,” she replied. “I came to see her a few days ago, and I looked around and couldn’t find Lizzie!” she joked.

“But Eera, what happened?”

“That old behavior–that was just a mask,” she explained. “The remedy lifted the mask and now we can see who she was all along.”

Do Angels Heal?

Do Angels Heal?

Here I was in Hawaii for my first time, visiting my sister-in-law Rachel. Rachel had found me a massage table so I could see clients. She put the table in a cute little bungalow, under a window facing the greenery. Everything looked quite normal when Rachel’s friend asked to see me.

I started the standard 10 Step Protocol. I listened deeply and her body responded–self-correcting and then…reenacting and releasing scenes of being abused and choked. It was not your typical Hijack response. We were both surprised and had no explanation. Preparing for the Dural Rock, I moved my left hand under her occiput (back of her head) and right hand under her sacrum. Gazing absent-mindedly through the wall, I noticed something outside the bungalow striding toward me. It was an angel–a Christian one–tall, pure white, wings strongly attached to the back, no talk and all business.

The angel walks RIGHT THROUGH the wall, stands before me silently, reaches his hands out for the body–I mean the client–and takes the body as I lift her up weightlessly into his arms. Now, of course, this whole time the client is actually lying on the massage table with my left hand under her head and my right hand under her hips, but in the VISION–a lot more is happening!!!!  The angel turns around, still carrying her in his arms, and walks RIGHT BACK THROUGH the wall again. Through the window I see he has carried her to a spiritual pool of water, waterfall in the background (this IS Hawaii, after all), where she is now seated on a chair with a man scrubbing her back….

I pretend nothing has happened and finish the session. At the end, I tell her, a little hesitantly, “You know…when I was beginning the Dural Rock, this angel came and….” I tell her the whole story.

She is silent for only a moment. “Who was the man washing me?” she demands to know.

I think for a moment. “It’s not your father,” I say slowly…. “It’s not your brother…. It IS a relative…. Oh, I know! It’s your uncle!”

Was she mad! “No, it’s not,” she retorts. “It’s St. Germain. I ALWAYS pray to St. Germain!”

I’m into this treatment a little deeper than my teacher had prepared me for. But I’m not ready to give up–something hasn’t been revealed yet. I’m getting that it’s her uncle; she’s getting that it’s St. Germain. How can this be?

“Ask if St. Germain was at one time your uncle,” I tell her. She muscle tests.

“YES!” She replies. She glows; the whole room seems to light up. The whole session, in which we cleared her deep blocks and traumas, had been leading up to her realizing that her precious St. Germain had also found her precious, that they were forever linked in love and caring. The session’s crowning healing was her experiencing her divine worthiness, her emotional closeness to those spiritual beings who take good care of her.

She has more to tell me. “The past few months I had been praying to be cleansed, that G-d would cleanse me, and I didn’t care what it would take. When I heard you were coming to Hawaii, I knew I had to see you. Now I know why.”

A few months later, I was treating the head of a massage school. By then, I had noticed that craniosacral therapy is a virtual 3-ring circus. I do one thing with my hands; some whoosh of energy comes from the earth behind me and loops over my right shoulder and works on the client independently–usually around the legs; and a huge hand hovers over the person’s abdomen.  All this, and more, was happening with this client.

“I think you had some angels in the treatment,” I said quietly at the end.

“Oh, I’m sure I did,” she said airily. “Clients bring their own angels with them.”

“They do?” I was surprised that no one had mentioned this in Craniosacral I. It was the missing link for me. Of course a Christian would bring in a Christian angel, and someone else would bring in another angel meaningful to them. And of course I was likely to be unfamiliar with these angels, as they were not mine.

So I was really surprised when, at the end of the summer, my Craniosacral II instructor sarcastically imitated some client reactions:

“I’ve seen G-d!” he said with a false Holy Roller tremor in his voice.

His phoney cover-up was the last straw. “Look, I’m a nice Jewish girl,” I interrupted. “I had never seen a Christian angel before, and you guys did NOT warn us about angels!” I told the class about Rachel’s friend—and that her true healing was not that I did the 10 Step Protocol properly but that she had found her love and spiritual protection.

The teacher brushed me off. “There are 40 students in this classroom,” he announced officiously, “And you are probably the ONLY one who has seen angels.”  With that he changed the topic.

I did not believe him. Was I more special than anyone else? In fact, at break-time, of the 5 craniosacral practitioners sitting closest to me, 4 of them confided in me that they had seen angels.

“Not only that,” said the 60-ish man sitting in front of me, “The clients can see them too.  And my population are tough people who are not given to spacey things. I work in a small town in Colorado, where I’ve known everyone for decades. I’m old enough to have known their parents, and I know their parents are in the room when I treat them.”

What do YOU think? Have you ever seen angels that heal? Love to hear!

About the Photo   Behold three “men” [angels] were standing above him. (Bereishit/Genesis 18:2)    Rashi: “…and Raphael, who healed Avraham/Abraham.”


Healing and the Coming of Mashiach

Healing and the Coming of Mashiach

Q: In the frum (Jewishly observant) world, everyone talks about waiting and wanting Mashiach (the Jewish messiah) to come. You’re the first person to tell me about people healing before that happens and specific people being called on to heal others in the days preceding Mashiach. What is this based on?


A: I first started noticing this when I heard a Shabbat drash (lecture) at a Bet Chabad in Baltimore in 1999 or 2000 from a rabbi visiting from Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel). He said that as Mashiach approaches, we will be gifted with more and more powers.

As Mashiach approaches, we will be gifted with more and more powers.

It is clear to Israeli frum healers that the world is changing. Some of us healers are getting unsolicited information about the political situation in Eretz Yisrael–not in the form of governmental issues but about the Land crying out for her people.

We are getting unsolicited information…about the Land crying out for her people.

We are getting information about what is safe and what is not safe. Some of us are getting the same type of information as the great mekubalim!  Information can come to us spontaneously even about the future, which a Jew is not allowed to ask about. Even in the US, this was happening to me. Once I taught my mother to muscle test in order to find the nutrients that would save my husband from a dire situation with Lyme disease, she was able to muscle test with me on many issues. The muscle testing would sometimes spontaneously turn into a vision–sort of like a movie–of a past life in which I could see the actors clearly and repeat verbatim conversations between significant others and could see what had happened and how the thoughts in that event continued to affect my family today.

So when I asked Mom to help me determine, in the spring of 2000, which month would be good for me to take my young children to Eretz Yisrael for the first time, we got that we should not go that summer. I asked about September. We got a no again. Then the information came to me that the reason we should not go in September is because there would be a war. I got very frightened and called my rabbi–a Sefardi who by the way could see things in my house over the phone–and told him that I had gotten information about the future, which was asur (forbidden), but that I hadn’t intentionally asked about the future and what to do about something I had begun innocently enough and had turned into something asur. Now back in 2000 no one thought that there would be any war in Eretz Yisrael–the last war had been in 1973. My rabbi said it was OK and that the “war” was between the Ashkenazi and Sefardi Jews and that when he has to go to Eretz Yisrael he only stays a few days because he can’t enjoy the tension there. Well, I spent 6 months wondering how I could be so inaccurate as to get that war was coming to Eretz Yisrael while my rabbi had explained it away as only Jewish-group tension. Comes Rosh Hashana that September and the Intifada breaks out! I called my rabbi to ask what happened and he said simply, “We call you ‘bul’ [bull’s eye].” I began to realize there was something seriously wrong with our religious leadership because I, a “poor handmaiden,” could see and do things that they couldn’t or didn’t want to–things needed for our people’s own development and safety.

When I compare notes with my former healing teacher in Efrat, we are seeing the same thing–Arabs leaving, abandoning their villages and fruit trees. People in Eretz Yisrael who are connected to their hearts and to nature are preparing for the great influx of Jews who will leave their homes in chutz la’aretz (outside of Israel) and flood to Eretz Yisrael.

I look at my daughter’s friends here in Eretz Yisrael and they all want to go into healing of some sort or another. They all want to serve.

And healing itself has changed in the last 20 years. In those days, I had learned from Carolyn Lee Tubman–a very talented herbalist, muscle tester, and ghost buster in Maryland–how to test for potentially allergenic foods for my small children. How we muscle tested 20 years ago was clumsy and difficult. The patient had to hold the item in one hand and stretch out the other arm. Then the practitioner had to push down on the stretched-out arm and determine whether the muscles were stronger with or without the item. Today, we can just think of the item and feel a slight change in our own body, hands, or even thoughts. With that may come a new flood of healing information above and beyond the yes/no answers that muscle testing yields. Clearly from the Treasury of Unearned Gifts.

I heard from Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, the head of Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin and an amazing Torah teacher and healer herself, that in the days of Mashiach, we will all be healed, and that the Bet HaMikdash (holy Temple in Jerusalem) itself will serve to heal people.

In the days of Mashiach, we will all be healed, and…the Bet HaMikdash itself will serve to heal people.

What we are going through now is a type of healing whose purpose has not been relayed to us by our clergy.  Approaching the times of Mashiach is a little like approaching the Bet HaMikdash. As Rabbi Shimshon Refael Hirsch says, the reason that the Cohein Gadol (High Priest) could wear shatnas (forbidden mixture of linen and wool) in the Bet HaMikdash is that, in the world of intense perfection of Hashem (G-d), all contradictions are melted. Similarly, as we approached Har Sinai (Mount Sinai) so many centuries ago, all the people were healed–as it says, they all heard…and saw….  Why is this happening? Why can you now heal 7 or more generations back in your ancestral line, which no one else until you were born could clear?

What it took me until the age of 58 to do in the healing world, my daughter could do with ease at the tender age of 19. She is even more powerful now at the age of 22. 

What it took me until the age of 58 to do in the healing world, my daughter could do with ease at the tender age of 19.

Healers in the non-frum world are saying that the consciousness of the world is changing and, according to my Seattle Family Constellations teacher, this is making it easier to do healing. The “pathways” are already laid down and well-trodden, she says.

One reiki master I met in Hawaii rattled off the four stages of people with higher consciousness–stages that are well known to the non-frum healing world. The second stage that one goes through is “Healer.” This all makes sense now, as I have been strongly pulled to do this healing stuff–which is WAY far away from what I wanted to do with my life (to create a seminary to teach teachers how to teach Torah through hands-on nature). Nature-Torah education is really what I thought Hashem had wanted me to do with my life–and I have had to put this all on brutal hold while I traipse around the world gathering ways to heal people.

I and my healing colleagues in Israel are seeing much that is channeling us in the same direction. The people need to be healed. The Land needs to be populated with her beloved holy children.

The people need to be healed. The Land needs to be populated with her beloved holy children.

There are major shifts in world climate and population dislocation that are already happening because of the future Healing to come.

There is no doubt that you are part of this–an honored part of this generation that will lead (who knows when?) to the coming and celebrating of Mashiach. You are not one of the people who are waiting for Mashiach. You are bringing him. That is your task (among many others–including motherhood). You are not being given anything that you can’t handle. Your simcha (joy) will lie in choosing Life–the Life that Hashem is asking you to live and spread.