It began as a typical craniosacral session–my client lying quietly on the massage table. But as I placed my hands under her occiput and sacrum, she suddenly burst into tears. “Don’t worry,” she said. “You didn’t do anything wrong. These are tears of joy. “Morning and afternoon, morning and afternoon….I have asked G-d to show me His Love.”  She lifted her arms heavenward, exuberant. “And now, I feel His Love!” She turned toward me. “I think your mission as a healer is to connect people to G-d!” she said. I was a bit stunned. Her advice rang true and was even exciting but…I had to travel halfway around the world, from Israel to Seattle, to learn my mission? Could no one in Israel tell me? Yet I learned in that session what underlies all things. When we remove peoples’ physical and emotional blocks, all that’s left is G-d–and His love with which He created and sustains us and the world. Stages of Healing We as healers see this happening in stages. First the body releases tension and feels more relaxed. Falsehoods and fears fall away and the wonder of who we are is revealed and comes alive and is true for us. And then…the opening to natural connection with the spiritual world. (You can read more at Do Angels Heal). Healing Session Over This wonder in our clients’ shining faces signals us that the session is over–that we have reached maximum and prescribed healing for that day.  Brandon Bays calls it the moment of Shining Eyes–when the healing session is complete. To me, it’s like the client drops the black cloud and takes up the rainbow.

The client drops the black cloud and takes up the rainbow.

The Veil Brigitte Stzab, Family Constellations teacher, once asked me, “Don’t you feel the veil [between the physical and spiritual worlds] is getting thinner?” To be perfectly honest…I’m an Aquarius. What veil? I often feel like I walk around Up There like someone strolling through a garden. And that’s why it’s important for me to lend a hand to others who need to be Up There too.