Healing as G-d’s Love

Healing as G-d’s Love

It began as a typical craniosacral session–my client lying quietly on the massage table. But as I placed my hands under her occiput and sacrum, she suddenly burst into tears. “Don’t worry,” she said. “You didn’t do anything wrong. These are tears of joy. “Morning and afternoon, morning and afternoon….I have asked G-d to show me His Love.”  She lifted her arms heavenward, exuberant. “And now, I feel His Love!” She turned toward me. “I think your mission as a healer is to connect people to G-d!” she said. I was a bit stunned. Her advice rang true and was even exciting but…I had to travel halfway around the world, from Israel to Seattle, to learn my mission? Could no one in Israel tell me? Yet I learned in that session what underlies all things. When we remove peoples’ physical and emotional blocks, all that’s left is G-d–and His love with which He created and sustains us and the world. Stages of Healing We as healers see this happening in stages. First the body releases tension and feels more relaxed. Falsehoods and fears fall away and the wonder of who we are is revealed and comes alive and is true for us. And then…the opening to natural connection with the spiritual world. (You can read more at Do Angels Heal). Healing Session Over This wonder in our clients’ shining faces signals us that the session is over–that we have reached maximum and prescribed healing for that day.  Brandon Bays calls it the moment of Shining Eyes–when the healing session is complete. To me, it’s like the client drops the black cloud and takes up the rainbow.

The client drops the black cloud and takes up the rainbow.

The Veil Brigitte Stzab, Family Constellations teacher, once asked me, “Don’t you feel the veil [between the physical and spiritual worlds] is getting thinner?” To be perfectly honest…I’m an Aquarius. What veil? I often feel like I walk around Up There like someone strolling through a garden. And that’s why it’s important for me to lend a hand to others who need to be Up There too.

Healing with Imaginary Animals

Healing with Imaginary Animals

After 40 minutes of energy work, we reached a very slow point. Energy would rise up to his left ear and then stop.

“You don’t have the energy to push the flow up over your head,” I told him. “Do you know what could be giving you low energy?”

He shook his head silently.

“We would save time if we could find out where the energy source is getting blocked. Do you like dogs?”

“No,” he said. He had never liked dogs.

“Funny,” I said, “I see one right by you. It’s a fluffy medium brown dog.”

“No,” he insisted. “I don’t like dogs.”

“I’m hearing that you don’t have a ‘place.’  Something about the age of ‘first through second grade.’ I see you looking at all the other children and feeling that they have a place and you don’t. Is this correct?”

His wife rushed to explain. An osteopathic problem had kept him in the hospital a lot during first and second grades. They wouldn’t even let his mother in to visit.

I saw his right side needed warmth. “The dog is nestling next to your right side in order to heal you.” I relayed to him what I saw. “And your left side near your lower ribs needs a frog.” I let the imaginary frog hop in.

“Under your right lower ribs, you need something. I think it’s a turtle. And under both feet you need some healing–Oh, here comes a rabbit and hedgehog!

“Your right upper chest and shoulder are also requesting help. It needs to be a ‘surrounding’ type of healing so I will use my hands from here, where I am sitting,” I continued.

“Look, I have not seen animals come to heal someone before,” I told him, a little surprised. “But I see they are doing the same energy work that I would have done with my hands.  Except… they are warming up your joints too. Do you like warmth?”

“Oh, yes!” he exclaimed. “Very very much!”

“We” all worked for about five minutes. I looked again and the man’s energy made a beautiful, free and clear loop from his left foot, over his head, and down his right side. No obstruction whatsoever. Whatever it was, was gone.




Energy Healing: Tip of the Iceberg?

Energy Healing: Tip of the Iceberg?

Jumpstarting Healing

If we were standard health practitioners, we would want to know four things:

  1. What are we treating?
  2. How should we treat it?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. How long will the heaing last?

As a deep healing practitioner, I start and stop with Step 2. I never get to Steps 1, 3, or 4. How can I help you? I ask the body. Then I do what the body tells me– with no preconceived notions about what we are working on, how long it will take, or how long it will last.

This is because the body and soul need only a jumpstart to heal. They will continue their work far after the client has left the treatment session.

The body and soul only need a jumpstart to heal. They will continue their work far after the client has left the treatment session.

What Are We Treating?

First, what are we treating? We are actually treating a vacuum, in that we are reviving the soul’s right to free choice and independent healing.

We are reviving the soul’s right to free choice and independent healing.

We are not treating the body but rather the body’s absence of support from its friends–and its results. This may be due to an unfriendly environment or something blocking the body’s ability to receive the healing already available.

If the body had had support from its friends, it would have already healed.

How Long Will It Take?

Second, how long will it take?

Some things are already known. A standard Craniosacral Therapy treatment can continue for two days after the client leaves. Example:

“Even after you finished, I felt toxins pouring out of my body.”

But how long after those two days will healing continue to unfold? And what levels of healing will have been reached when the healing runs its course?

Most healing is immediate and felt on the massage table or shortly afterward in its physical, emotional, or spiritual form. However, sometimes a deep healing gradually evolves from a physical release to an emotional or spiritual one and is appreciated only months later:

“In the past four months, I have reached a positive spiritual and emotional state that I have never been in before–such a blessing during my husband’s deployment [overseas]. It’s helped me get through it with strength and happiness. I attribute a lot of this switch in me to the experience I had with Craniosacral. I didn’t realize until recently how much of a transformation had actually occurred. Is this really a possible outcome of opening up energy pathways in my body? I can’t figure out any other reason. I really feel that Hashem [God] sent you as a little shaliach [messenger] to bring me to a place that I was meant to be in during this stage in my life. Thank you!”     Mother of Three Young Children

How Long Will the Healing Last?

Sometimes healing is permanent. One client’s ADD did not return after her single Craniosacral Energy Healing session, and another client’s osteoporosis disappeared permanently after one Guided Healing session.

However, sometimes healing remains incomplete to remind us that the basic healing hasn’t been completed.

I had a client who couldn’t raise his arm in front of him. One session of Craniosacral Energy Healing fixed the arm and he was able to sleep. But only for 3 days. This is because he did not fix the attitude that his body was trying to call his attention to in the first place, to whit–he needed to be planning to teach courses in England.  A second client had decades-long back pain that disappeared after a single session of Craniosacral Energy Healing. It returned later in order to have its source eradicated by a single Family Constellation. Since the Constellation, she has had no more back pain.

Like Craniosacral Energy Healing, Family Constellations create ongoing healing in ever-deepening realms. A Family Constellation needs 6 weeks to solidify its healing from the heart out. You don’t talk about the meanings in your Family Constellation for 40 days. (40 days is one and a half moon cycles, according to Teacher Vlado Ilic.)  In talking and intellectualizing about–mentally analyzing–your Constellation’s meaning, you will dissipate the energy of the heart’s healing as you bring it into the heartless realm of mind and words. The heart has seen a new and more truthful reality, and it, as well as other phases of your life and soul, needs these 40 days to strengthen and to adjust.

Likewise, we don’t do any homeopathy or any other treatment of the issue dealt with in the Constellation for 40 days, since these remedies might change the course of the healing that you began with the Family Constellation.



Guided Healing: Healing by Analogy

Guided Healing: Healing by Analogy

“I set before you Life and Death, Blessing and Curse. Choose Life…for you and your offspring.”   Devarim/Deut. 30:19

We follow false gods: misguided love, confusion, dysfunctional family patterns, fear. We befriend falsehood, emotional tyranny, emptiness, or self-effacement. We think we are doing so to survive, and survive well. But our bodies know better–and react with pain, blockage, and stress.

In Guided Healing, we step back and see our choices from a higher place. We affirm the good quality in us from which the misguided dysfunction emanates. We use the power of analogy: just as we can choose Death and Pain, we can choose G-d and Life. Just as we see someone else choosing G-d and Life, we can choose G-d and Life as well.

Analogies help release our Free Will to choose to abandon false loyalties. In exposing false gods for what they are, we return to truth, freedom, love, creativity, healing–and our true souls.


“My husband and father are trying to force me into a psychiatric hospital,” said “Dalia” over the phone. Dalia’s cousin, a client of mine, recommended she see me. This mother of 5 had had three breakdowns since the age of 16, in which she didn’t know where she was and became dysfunctional for long periods of time. Hubby and Dad wanted her treated “properly,” with drugs.

I knew that I must help her, that she needed my help, and that ultimately she would be a great healer herself. I thought back to a student formerly on drugs for being bipolar, but when she came to Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin and found Torah and spirituality, she no longer needed her drugs. Dalia’s guardian angels were obviously asking for more than pills.

I treated Dalia for 2 1/2 hours. During the session, I was “told” that her breakdowns stemmed from an issue of abandonment by her mother. Indeed, it turned out later that her first breakdown at 16 happened during a 3-day high school tiyul shnati (field trip). Previously, she had been an A student, she said.

I looked back in time at her mother, her mother’s mother, her mother’s mother’s mother–trying to find one mother among Dalia’s ancestors who had been stable. Usually in an Ashkenazi family you don’t go back more than 4–or at most 7–generations before finding an intact family that can source generational love.

“I’ve gone back 12 or 13 generations on your mother’s side,” I told her, amazed, “and I did not find ONE generation that didn’t have a serious death.”

“Oh, yes,” she brushed off the information. “Didn’t you know that life in Yemen was very hard?”

I knew Yemenites ate an inedible fenugreek spread that was supposed to be so healthy the women would have babies into their 50s. What no one mentions is that so many Yemenite Jewesses didn’t make it to their 50s.

We continued to work and, just before my taxi arrived, her Third Eye opened.

She called me the following week from the psychiatric hospital. “What is the Third Eye?” she asked. I did my best in my 6th grade level Hebrew. “The Third Eye helps you see things in a deeper way, with more bina (understanding).”

I tried an example. “Let’s say you see a boy walking along. With your normal vision, you might just notice he is a boy walking. But with your Third Eye, you might notice that he is a good person, that he wants to do good in the world, and he is waiting for someone to show him how.”

“What if I see he is doing something bad?” she asked me nervously.

“You look at his qualities deeper, with your Third Eye,” I explained. “You tell him, ‘Oh, I see you are a good fighter. Did you know you can fight for good in the world, or you can choose to use your quality for bad–like to beat up small children.’ Then you help him direct his energies for good.”

This was simple. She liked it. But she still felt unsettled. “How will I know how to take care of my children?”

“How do you WANT to take care of your children?”

“With warmth, love….”

“What is stopping you from taking care of your children with warmth and love?”

“I am here, in this hospital….”

“Why are you in the hospital?”

“Because I don’t know how to function,” she answered, miserably. “What if I see myself doing something bad?”

Hashem had already provided the answer.  “Then you tell yourself, with your Third Eye: ‘I have this quality. I can use it for good or for bad.’ And then you tell yourself how to use it for good.”

She was smiling over the phone. She understood now. “When will I get out of this place?” she asked me.

“Ask your neshama.”

“My neshama says, ‘In a week.'”

“Ask your neshama why you will get out in a week.”

“Because I will request it,” she answered.

“Do you feel you will be able to leave in a week and take care of your children?”

“Oh, yes!”


Dina was worried what to do next. She wanted to go to India but was afraid.

“Why are you afraid of going to India?” I asked.

“I might stop being religious,” she replied.

“Why do you think you might stop being religious?”

“Because I had a religious friend who went to India and she came back non-religious.”

“Ask her neshama, from your heart to her heart, why she became non-religious.”

“She feels free,” answered Dina.

“What does she need to feel free from?”

“Oh, everything. She can do what she feels like now.”

“What can she do now that she couldn’t do before?”

“She says she feels ‘cool’ now.”

“Uh-huh. Ask her what else makes her feel cool. Maybe she is very intuitive?”

“Oh, yes, she is very intuitive. She helps a lot of people!”

“Ask her why she doesn’t use her intuition to feel cool.”

“She does.”

“Ask her how she would rather feel cool–act non-religious or use her intuition to help people.”

“She’s thinking.”

It was clear that our exchange had helped clarify values for our friend’s neshama. Dina seemed ready to go down a more fortuitous path. But there was more–an analogy….

“Dina, we just showed what you will do when you get to India. You will find Israelis there like your friend who have lost their way and are trying to find themselves. You will use your own intuition to help them return to Judaism and to their own neshamot.

“Wow, that’s exciting!” said Dina. “I am really looking forward to going now!”

Young Mother from Serbia

“Are you healthy?” asked a young mother in a worried voice.

“Yes, why?”

“Well, my grandfather is sick and I was worried you are too.”

Her logic eluded me but clearly she needed someone to talk to.

“I’m not sick but maybe there IS something to talk about. Would you like to find a shady place to sit?”

She nodded gratefully. Her grandfather back in Serbia was ill from alcohol. He beat her grandmother often and she was upset over this, but more upset that she might lose her grandfather to his illness.

“Why are you upset to lose your grandfather if he beats your grandmother?”

She thought for a moment. “Because if I’m not upset, then people will think I am disloyal.”

“Do you believe in G-d?” I asked.

“Oh, YES!”

“Then tell those people, from your heart to their heart, ‘I am extremely loyal. And from now on, I am loyal to myself, my family, and to G-d.'”

The redirect worked. We had affirmed her loyalty but only toward Good. She looked relaxed and happy. A proud and satisfied smile swept across her face as she felt her self-worth and her new freedom from others’ twisted and tyrannical demands on her right to choose to whom to be loyal.