Healing with Imaginary Animals

Healing with Imaginary Animals

After 40 minutes of energy work, we reached a very slow point. Energy would rise up to his left ear and then stop.

“You don’t have the energy to push the flow up over your head,” I told him. “Do you know what could be giving you low energy?”

He shook his head silently.

“We would save time if we could find out where the energy source is getting blocked. Do you like dogs?”

“No,” he said. He had never liked dogs.

“Funny,” I said, “I see one right by you. It’s a fluffy medium brown dog.”

“No,” he insisted. “I don’t like dogs.”

“I’m hearing that you don’t have a ‘place.’  Something about the age of ‘first through second grade.’ I see you looking at all the other children and feeling that they have a place and you don’t. Is this correct?”

His wife rushed to explain. An osteopathic problem had kept him in the hospital a lot during first and second grades. They wouldn’t even let his mother in to visit.

I saw his right side needed warmth. “The dog is nestling next to your right side in order to heal you.” I relayed to him what I saw. “And your left side near your lower ribs needs a frog.” I let the imaginary frog hop in.

“Under your right lower ribs, you need something. I think it’s a turtle. And under both feet you need some healing–Oh, here comes a rabbit and hedgehog!

“Your right upper chest and shoulder are also requesting help. It needs to be a ‘surrounding’ type of healing so I will use my hands from here, where I am sitting,” I continued.

“Look, I have not seen animals come to heal someone before,” I told him, a little surprised. “But I see they are doing the same energy work that I would have done with my hands.  Except… they are warming up your joints too. Do you like warmth?”

“Oh, yes!” he exclaimed. “Very very much!”

“We” all worked for about five minutes. I looked again and the man’s energy made a beautiful, free and clear loop from his left foot, over his head, and down his right side. No obstruction whatsoever. Whatever it was, was gone.




Masks, Angels, & Homeopathy

Masks, Angels, & Homeopathy

When we first bought Lizzie–a beautiful chocolate brown Alpine goat–she was so skittish that you couldn’t get near her. She would run away and jump onto something high or hide behind the hayfeeder.

That is, until she met Eera, our homeopathic veterinarian. You see, in our section of Israel, many goats get abscesses. Lizzie did too. My landlady, from whom I had bought Lizzie, said airily, “Just wave your hand and the energy will break up the abscess.”  I did what I could, being an energy healer, but nothing worked. For 9 months, the abscess got bigger and bigger. Finally, a vet visited for another reason, saw Lizzie, and said the abscess was very dangerous. Eera said simply, “I know what to do for the abscess.”

“How much do you charge for lancing an abscess?” I asked.

“Let’s first see the abscess,” she replied quietly.

“No, I don’t want to begin until I know your price,” I said. I didn’t want to have any misunderstanding about why I was hiring her.

She refused to tell me her price for lancing. “Let’s just see,” she said, leaving me and entering the pen. I lingered behind to lock the gate after us.

A moment later, she returned to me, triumphant.  “Ein tzorech–there’s no need!” she said.

“There’s no need for what?” I asked.

“There’s no need to lance the abscess. It’s opened on its own.”  Sure enough, the abscess was open and draining.

“What? Did you do anything to her?” I asked, in disbelief. There had not been time to catch Lizzie, much less treat the abscess, in the short time it had taken to latch the gate.

“No, it opened on its own,” she replied.

“Eera, that abscess hasn’t healed in 9 months. In fact, it has only gotten worse and worse. You mean to tell me that all you did was walk into the pen and the abscess opened on its own?”

Tamid kacha–it’s always like that.”

Tamid kacha?” I asked. I was confused.


I began to understand why Eera did not have a set price for lancing abscesses. It was because she never had to.

“Eera,” I begged her. “How does that work?”

Lo yadat sheh al kateif kol rofeh yosheiv mal’ach?” she asked. Didn’t you know that on the shoulder of every doctor sits an angel?

I was stunned. But that was only the beginning. Eera gave Lizzie a constitutional remedy to strengthen her immune system. It didn’t, in the end, totally prevent more abscesses, but it did fix something else….

After a few days, Lizzie was no longer nervous Nellie. She was totally relaxed, sensuous, always approaching me with her face tilted up at an angle so I could give her a facial massage. She then took a full-body massage–up to 40 minutes long–every day. She had turned into a pussy cat.

Eera came for a follow-up a few days later.  “Eera,” I said, “Something has happened to Lizzie. She’s not crazy anymore.”

“Yes,” she replied. “I came to see her a few days ago, and I looked around and couldn’t find Lizzie!” she joked.

“But Eera, what happened?”

“That old behavior–that was just a mask,” she explained. “The remedy lifted the mask and now we can see who she was all along.”