Nini Castle

Type of Healing Offered  Energy healing, aura reading, holistic approach to achieving balance

Format of Healing Sessions  Energy healing is hands on to bring about healing in the mind, spirit, and body; aura readings are question/answer based and channel specific information pertaining to each individual session

Locations of Healing Sessions  Chicago, IL – phone, email, video message, long-distance healing session available worldwide

Other Types of Healing Offered  Massage therapy; healing with music and art

Preferred & Other Contact Info  773.485.4187  [email protected]

Hours of Contact  Flexible

Other Wholesome Activities  Exercise – all types; performing, composing, and listening to music; all types of fine arts; cooking healthy; research in math, sciences, and spirituality

What Can You Help Heal?  Physical, emotion, mental, and spiritual difficulties

Who Is This Healing Best For?  Anyone who is open to this type of approach

What Makes This Type of Healing Work?  Connecting to G-d, maintaining professionalism, being grounded and centered, confidence, belief and making sure that I am taking care of myself properly to ensure that I am in the right state of mind

Freebies & Discounts  First-time clients receive 10% off first session

Workshops & Instruction Offered I try to arrange classes on the importance of exercise, nutrition, and self care

Where Did You Learn This Healing (List courses, etc.)?  Chana Bracha Sieglebaum – Emuna Healing; Rabbi Bar Ami – Jewish Energy Healing; Clairvoyant Center Chicago – Certification in Clairvoyant Training; Cortiva Shcool of Massage – License Massage Therapy Inborn, self taught, and natural