Guided Healing reaches the core issues in language, examples, and insights that you can appreciate. Beautiful solutions emerge. Clients report reduced physical pain and emotional symptoms, as well as increased clarity and direction. Guided Healing can be done in person or by phone, hang-out, or skype.

About the Photo:

Sometimes our lives are a little like a Rube Goldberg, the physicist-cartoonist who invented outrageously complicated ways to turn out a light, swat a fly, or remove an olive from a long-necked jar. To find simplicity in your life, and discover and heal what is making life complicated, painful, or disjointed, Guided Healing can help. Meanwhile, here is a Rube Goldberg-inspired video to keep you in stitches (laughter is good energy healing too….). Click to see:
And here, if you haven’t seen it before, is “Happy Hanukkah from the Technion”:



Client Comments

“A huge ‘Thank You’ for the healing you did on the osteoporosis. It manifested in the CT scan, which showed no osteoporosis. Thank you for the life you are restoring to me!”     Healer with previously intractable osteoporosis, after one treatment

“Immensely, immensely helpful and healing, insightful, beneficial.”     School Principal

“Very powerful healing.”     Homeopath

“I’m much more accepting.”     Day Care Provider

“…a type of very highly concentrated energy. The treatment reaches the spiritual root of physical reality and touches very sensitive points within the soul. What is revealed is very unexpected and, even so, very true. At the end–a feeling of ease and liberation that breaks forth into joy and a lot of light!”     Curator

“In our people’s past when someone was ill they went to the Navi (prophet) to discern which spiritual deficiency manifested physically….You are the Prophet!…I feel like everything in my past makes sense now and that it had to be that way. Knowing that gives me the fortitude to take what comes–a little more gracefully. The exhaustion of the past 14 years has finally lifted. Overall I’m feeling much better physically on way less vitamins.”     Mother

“Since the first session, the feelings of sadness and grief that greeted me most mornings are gone. I can sit in the same room as my mother and no longer feel this sense of ‘Guilt for Being Alive.'”    Artist

“I met a lot of incredible people on my 2 week journey here [Israel] but of everyone–I felt you touched my soul and essence. I am extremely grateful. It will change my life and bring me to the next level which was the goal and intention of this journey.”     Graphic Designer

“I have better clarity and more loving feelings. I had great talks with two of my girls last night. Thanks eternally!”      Occupational Therapist

“I have had much more connection with my soul in the past few weeks since my session with you.  I suddenly feel that my soul has begun to speak, that I am more aware of this layer. I am more giving to my soul of the air, breadth, sun that it needs.  I am beginning to feel more connection there.  A giant Thank You!”    Mother