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Why Healers in Israel?

Banias Waterfall

Like Banias Waterfall at the Jordan River’s headwaters, Israel’s healers bring refreshing lifewaters

Healers in Israel.com helps Anglos find the right healer, healing supplies, and/or clients/customers. Whether you are looking for that special shiatsu master who communicates with animals or an esoteric homeopathic remedy in a rare potency, we can help!

Connecting Healers & Clients

To help you find the right healer, we provide hard-to-find but valuable information such as healer training and their view of how the healing works. When we fully expand our listings, you will be able to find healers in any location in Israel—whether you are traveling or just want to find the top specialist in Israel.  For healers who lack a website and are virtually unfindable, Healers in Israel.com provides an instant and affordable web presence.

Connecting Healers/Clients & Suppliers 

It’s a new country and we don’t know where to find things! When we get enough referrals, these sections will help:

  • Suppliers  Suppliers of Tibetan singing bowls for chakra healing, healing crystals, and other hard-to-find items.
  • New & Used  Where individuals can buy or sell new or used items such as massage tables, textbooks, etc., or post “Looking To Buy….” notices.
  • Workshops/Trainings Ways for healers or clients to broaden or deepen their current skills.
  • Spaces for Rent  Short-term or long-term rental of treatment rooms, conference rooms, and retreat centers.

Connecting Healers & Healers 

  • Get and give referrals.
  • Reach out to others in one’s specialty.
  • Get feedback.
  • Create a forum for healing topics in Israel.

Why I Created Healers in Israel.com

I believe healers are in Israel to grow together, to share what they know, and to bring true healing into Israel’s mainstream. (If you can point to 100 other healers listed on our website, you can show your kids and parents that you aren’t THAT weird!!!!) When I realized that healers in my small town of Bat Ayin didn’t know of each other, I knew it was time to connect into a community of healers committed to doing our best. So please pass the word that there is a place for healers, clients, and healing materials to find each other so that we can include everyone in our new website.