Rain forest streamHeal your family’s past with Family Constellations – a group-supported journey, popular in Europe, to heal issues with health, wealth, peace, power, direction, joy. We’ll find and heal hidden generational trauma causing the pain. Restore the love–Heal the problem! Takes only one session, even for problems unresponsive to other methods!

How Does It Work?

We carry our ancestors’ energy in our hearts. In a Family Constellation, the heart projects these feelings onto the people who agree to represent those energies. We can then see and feel specifically what generational traumas are causing the troubled feelings in the client and work to heal them within the session.

Who Benefits?

Representatives and observers may feel a surprisingly meaningful and healing connection to some part of the constellation they attend. Everyone in the room gets exactly what they need!

How Do I Know If a Problem Stems from Blocked Ancestral Love?

Did your family suffer any trauma or displacement (war, violence, immigration, miscarriage, fatal accident/illness) within the past 7 generations? If so, the source trauma can likely easily be discovered and resolved.


Start healing your community and individual friends! In this one-hour course, you will understand the basics of Family Constellation facilitation and will be able to lead your own groups after a few practice sessions.

MORE ABOUT FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS from my favorite teachers!

Bert Hellinger/Germany    Vlado Ilic/Germany, Balkans, North America    Brigitte Sztab/Washington State    Susan Ulfelder/Bethesda, MD

Photo Caption  Trees, representing our ancestors, frame the river of love that flows from generation to generation. The love is unimpeded by the rocks, whose obstacle-like past has been transformed to mere decorative stature by the power of Family Constellations.

Client Comments

“Thank you again. It really was quite an amazing experience today! I feel much lighter and cleaner and even more energized.”     Engineer

“I have much more personal commitment. I feel stronger, more grounded, and closer to myself. I feel that I can stand up to my family–that I have my place and I can be myself.”     Student

“It was an incredible experience and I want to do it again!”     Lawyer

“Your class was the highlight of the week [at Whole Health Forum] for me. It made a big impression on me, and I found myself thinking about it for days afterward. Maybe it was particularly powerful for me because I was one of the ‘actors’ in it, and I clearly felt how the feelings I was expressing were coming through me but were not directly my own. It was dramatic and beautiful.”     Macrobiotics teacher

“Sara-Malka intuitively led us back several generations in order to repair serious trauma. In role-playing and supporting the client, each representative both gave and received real-life support. A very bonding experience on many levels! It affected me deeply and I look forward to using some of these techniques to benefit my own EmunaHealing clients and students.”     Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, Founder and Director, Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin: Holistic Torah for Women on the Land 

“After the constellation, I began to notice that things that used to make me panic in the past–no longer scared me! I am intrigued and excited by the process!”   Brain Gym Practitioner

“Everyone I met later told me, ‘You remember that Family Constellation we did with Sara-Malka? It changed my life!'”     Distance Healer and HaTeider HaEinoshi Practitioner

“Your Family Constellation was the first time my husband was able to open up and express his feelings about losing his father at an early age.”  Baker/Creator of Fermented Foods

“Very interesting! Very surprising! Very impressive!”  College professor

“Growing up Jewish in South Africa, the only ancestors I knew were my two parents. All of our family who hadn’t moved to South Africa were killed in the Holocaust. Like me, all my Jewish friends grew up with no grandparents, uncles, aunts…. And our parents wouldn’t talk about it. When we and our friends asked about our relatives, our parents would all wave their hand the same way and change the subject.  I don’t remember anything that transpired during my Family Constellation, nor what words were spoken. Yet during the 40 days after the constellation, I began experiencing a growing feeling–an amazing revelation that continues today–that I didn’t grow up in a vacuum, that I have grandparents, aunts, and uncles–and my parents had grandparents, aunts, and uncles–going all the way back to Avraham Avinu [Abraham] who care about me, are there for me, and are supporting me and backing me up. I have been integrated into a meeting of souls; I feel connected now, even to people I felt no connection to before. 

I feel like I have a “back!” I’ve had back pain for many years, including two surgeries. Since the Family Constellation, I have had no more back pain. Before, I wouldn’t have had the guts to say ‘No.’ I now feel justified and whole in being assertive without worrying what other people would say or think of me. I now feel entitled to stand up for my rights!”     Mother

“After the constellation, my relationship with my father shifted–opened up. It was really cool!”   Family Constellation participant/Yoga Teacher

“Amazing, just amazing! I heard many things that I needed to hear. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”   Family Constellation participant

“Was beyond a dream. Impacted me lots. It was very powerful, intense, healing, and eye opening.”    Graphic Designer

“Main gain was the integration of my father’s side of the family: their way of being flowing, less critical, happier. Much of my own self-criticism comes from a repression of those traits and owning them as mine was very significant for me. I’ve been feeling a real shift in my happiness level: much more accepting of what I do and my impact in the world, positive, and optimistic. Deep gratitude!”     Musician

“On Tuesday, I was a participant in three Family Constellations about fathers. Thursday, I visited my father for the first time in a long time. Usually when I am with my father, I feel a barrier. When he hugs me, I feel uncomfortablelike I am being smothered and crushed, like it is too much. I want to get out of the hug. After the three Family Constellations, I felt a great opening! Today when my father hugged me, I could relax into the hug. No discomfortI felt only an open-heartedness I don’t usually feel. I can appreciate him for the father that he is instead of the father I want him to be.”    Occupational Therapist

I feel so much gratitude to everyone. I want to bake a cake and send it to each one of you!”   Family Constellations client

“I felt close to Hashem (G-d).” Family Constellation participant