Haya Baker

Type of Healing Offered  Divine Integration Healing

Format of Healing Sessions  50-minute relaxing sessions or distance healing

Locations of Healing Sessions  Worldwide via Skype or in person in Efrat or Jerusalem

Other Types of Healing Offered  Teder success coaching

Website Address  divineintegrationhealing.com

Preferred & Other Contact Info  [email protected]

Hours of Contact  9-9 Sunday-Thursday, Israel time

What Can You Help Heal?  I can help you heal whatever is ready to be rediscovered in you

Who Is This Healing Best For?  My approach is best for emotionally aware women

What Makes This Type of Healing Work?  As you access the Divine love and light that dwells within you, and of which you are an integral part, there is little in your body-mind, life, and world that cannot emerge into greater wholeness!

Freebies & Discounts  For current discount packages, see my website divineintegrationhealing.com under Consultations

Workshops & Instruction Offered  I offer in-person and online courses and workshops. See my website for further details

Where Did You Learn This Healing (List courses, etc.)?  I developed Divine Integration Healing over the last 25 years with Hashem’s help