Q: How do you know if your information is accurate? A: We healers need a dizzying amount of data for our clients: Which food, supplement, herb, homeopathic remedy, brand? Which form (magnesium citrate v magnesium orotate)? Organic or regular? Dosage and frequency? And the wild cards, like preparation history! I once considered buying a particular organic bread but it tested as a no-go. Delving deeper into the energy of the loaf, I discovered that the baker’s fit of anger that day was still reverberating in the bread. The shopkeeper threw out the loaf. What about non-oral fixes? One client wakes up at 4a every morning with the same allergic reaction. How do we narrow down which rug or curtain to remove? Another client has constant back pain. How can we tell if she needs a good float in the Dead Sea, a Family Constellation, a Craniosacral session, or to move forward on an advanced degree, new business, or artwork? Here’s how we begin.

Muscle Testing

Through the 1990s, we would muscle test (“applied kinesiology”) on foods or remedies. The client would hold the item in question in one hand and the practitioner would push down on the straightened other arm to see if the body felt stronger or weaker. Some practitioners used a pendulum instead. Now muscle testing is easy. As we get closer to Mashiach, we can test on far more than just foods or supplements. We don’t need the item or even the client in the room. We can use our whole body or a minor flick of our hands as an instant pendulum to “surrogate test” what will bring good health for someone over the phone or on a different continent. We can also peer into a scene to read the energy surrounding the problem and pinpoint a solution when we need a more complete or embracing answer than just yes or no. But I never do any of this without first getting clear.

Getting Clear: Kavanot (Intentions)

I begin the day by stating kavanot (intentions that clear) from Chana Luk’s Ohr HaEmuna textbook. Some are Hebrew affirmations and some are Hebrew prayers and tehilim (psalms). I know which ones apply to me because my teacher, Efrat Dahan, surrogate tested for me. Sometimes, I need to add or omit clearings (fine-tuned by another healer). And I do not do healing work–even surrogate testing–before davening shacharit (morning prayers).


Sometimes, while working on an issue by yourself or with another healer, all your answers will start not making sense! Whoever is clearer should test on where the interference is coming from and what to do about it. Standard physical cleansings may be smudging (burning) sage in the house or lighting candles. If necessary, get advice or more information from a third healer who may be clearer. Once, I was blocked for 6 weeks and nothing worked to clear the blocks! Really annoying!

Getting Confirmation

Efrat Dahan also taught me to pick up the phone in the middle of a difficult session and ask a healing friend, “What do you get on this client?” Or you can text or email a healing friend for confirmation on info you received. Eventually, life will confirm the truth–it’s just a matter of faith (and nerves) until that confirmation appears.


Eventually you will start to hear, visualize, or know unsolicited information that will help yourself or your client. Our helpers in Shamayim (Heavens) are only too excited to finally have someone who wants to listen and help, and so they will open the floodgates and throw to you as much information as you can absorb. It is really good to have a written record of what you hear, since the topics may be more far-ranging and detailed than you had thought possible or can even remember later. I favor using Google Chat (Hangouts) or some other written communication for sessions–when the communication is over you can review any important information or find new opportunities for knowledge expansion in your next session. Truly, you can do some of this by yourself. I noticed this when doing Morning Pages (created by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way).  Since I always seem to need answers, I would just write out my questions and listen for answers. Writing the answers, I would ask more questions. And so on. After a while I went into email mode. I just write myself an email, put in the subject line “Healing,” and start asking questions and writing answers. Whenever I get stuck, I just call, write, or text another healing friend to fill in the missing words. Sometimes when I don’t get answers, the problem is that I asked the wrong question. If this happens to you, just write, “What should I ask instead?” and you may be surprised to find yourself hearing answers that put you right back on track again. Being of a suspicious nature, I usually muscle test on any information that comes through channeling to double check.  The channeling has never shown to be wrong.  I will give you examples of the progression from simple muscle testing to major channeling in future case studies. Just know that you can “close the circle” by muscle testing on the channeling or asking a healing friend what they get.


I did some extra one-on-one training after Craniosacral I. Sitting behind the patient, I began to check for craniosacral rhythm in the head. “Ground yourself,” warned my coach, Nancy Westphal. “Clients can often tell when you’re ungrounded.” That was really scary. I had assumed I could sneak by, ungrounded, without being detected. I did a standard self-grounding: Imagine a line goes from your lower back into the center of the earth. That grounds you! “Good,” said Nancy. I was amazed that, from across the room, she could tell when I was grounded and when I wasn’t. Grounding is another help for clarity. I have not found that grounding gives more accurate answers during muscle testing. The answers simply don’t come if I’m not grounded.

Goat Milk

If you live in Israel but were not born here, you may need to drink a cup of goat milk every now and then for clarity. Taking care of goats is very grounding and you may need to take care of them too!

Clarity for You!

What do YOU do for clarity? I’d love to hear!