Shoshana Abensour

Type of Healing Offered  Jin shin jyutsu Acupressure EFT Su jok and KHT

Format of Healing Sessions  Jin shin jyutsu: Light jumper cabling along energy meridians over the body. No need to disrobe. Allows the patient to release and let go both physically and emotionally. Self-help is also taught to the patient.

Locations of Healing Sessions  Jerusalem. House-calls optional for additional charge

Other Types of Healing Offered  Su jok and KHT acupuncture

Preferred & Other Contact Info  058 689 9370   [email protected]

Hours of Contact  24/6

Other Wholesome Activities  Kosher emuna-based meditation that leads to healing directly from the one true healer: Hashem!

What Can You Help Heal?  Amazing for hormonal imbalance, menstrual disorders, Sleep issues, digestive, chronic and acute pain issues; emotional and traumatic events. Post-surgical recovery. Reduces chemotherapy side effects. Physical and emotional pain. JSJ is a great way to release emotional stuff without having to talk about it! (Especially because talking about it can make the condition worse as it causes the person to dwell on their condition) EFT is great for those who want to target core issues head-on. Some patients start with JSJ and then finish it off with EFT.

Who Is This Healing Best For?  All ages; both genders. JSJ is extremely gentle and non-invasiv. Anyone who wants to let it go!

What Makes This Type of Healing Work?  Hashem is the doctor of all flesh. I bring Hashem into the picture with every treatment.

Freebies & Discounts  I work on a sliding scale, and I’m happy to match the rates one would pay if going through their Kupat Cholim complementary medicine clinic. Buy 4 get one free! Barter also an option.

Workshops & Instruction Offered  Can be arranged; Group tapping EFT is very powerful and affordable

Where Did You Learn This Healing (List courses, etc.)?  JSJ international EFT with Gary Craig in US Su jok: Maayanot Jerusalem KHT Studied in US