Billie Schreiner, M.S., L.Ac.

Type of Healing Offered  25 years experience. Proven pain relief from kidney stones & shingles. My herbs can wear down the sharp points on kidney stones in less than a week–greatly reducing pain–then continue to wear away the stones. Steady relief from shingles pain. In the States I was a nationally certified herbalist and acupuncturist as well as a nutritionist.

Format of Healing Sessions  Herbal formulas as well as pulse diagnosis, balancing, dietary advice, and explaining blood tests. Acupuncture is optional.

Locations of Healing Sessions  Ma’ale Adumim (in emergency, I could meet you in Jerusalem to start you on herbs)

Other Types of Healing Offered  Acupuncture & herbs, pulse diagnosis, balancing, nutrition, 5MTHF supplements

Preferred & Other Contact Info  [email protected] or 052 676 1893

Hours of Contact  8 a to 7 p

What Can You Help Heal?  Chinese Medicine addresses all illnesses. Some work better with Western Medicine; others work better with Chinese Medicine; and many work well with a combination of both. I like working with kidney stones and shingles because Chinese Medicine works quickly to reduce horrible pain. What a mitzvah!

Who Is This Healing Best For?  I have herbs for all ages; babies through seniors

What Makes This Type of Healing Work?  HaShem. HaShem gave us herbs that work to heal. He gave us acupuncture and pulse diagnosis and nutritional supplements. He sent me teachers and guides my diagnosis. And He informs me when I need to send my patients to Western medical practitioners when that is the best course.

Freebies & Discounts  Free pulse diagnosis with appointment.

Where Did You Learn This Healing (List courses, etc.)?  Masters degree in Chinese Medicine (5 year course after a BS in math and all the pre-med classes) includes acupuncture, herbs, nutrition & tai chi. I also did a year of post-graduate work in Chinese OB/GYN plus years of classes. I’ve also taken classes in compatibility of herbs with Western medicines.