Q: How can you tell if a treatment worked? After all, you don’t measure anything.

A: A craniosacral treatment is working if one of four things happen:

1) The client takes a full, deep breath.
2) The client feels heat under my hands.
3) I hear “stomach/intestinal sounds.”
4) I feel “therapeutic pulse” under my fingers–a pulse that starts gently, crescendoes, and then disappears.

Although I can tell IF a treatment is working, it is harder to tell WHAT is working. For example, one client’s body requested that I do a minute motion multiple times. I felt I was doing very little and thought, “Boy, she is just going to get off this table and slam the door and tell me I am crazy!” She later said, “When you were working on my stomach, I was watching different foods coming down, and each food went to the pile on the left if the food was bad for me and to the pile on the right if the food was good for me!”