Reisy Stern

Type of Healing Offered  Energytherapy; Marriage and Family Counseling

Format of Healing Sessions  One or one and a half hour sessions

Locations of Healing Sessions  Minchat Yitzchak 5B, Jerusalem

Other Types of Healing Offered  Holistic Counseling, Somatic Experiencing, Focusing

Preferred & Other Contact Info  [email protected]   052 762 8326

Hours of Contact  9a-6p

What Can You Help Heal?  Relationships, anxiety, panic, PTSD, low self esteem, somatic symptoms

Who Is This Healing Best For?  Adults, adolescents, and children

What Makes This Type of Healing Work?  It’s a very gentle and effective method to reconnect people to their body, their belief in themselves, and in their potential; to live in the present moment and from that grounded place connect to their Creator and themselves. With these three firm connections, HaShem, themselves, and the here and now, there is nothing to keep true Healing from happening.

Workshops & Instruction Offered  Call me for details of the next workshop/class

Where Did You Learn This Healing (List courses, etc.)?  Heliotope Holistic Services-Holistic Counseling, Energy therapy, Metamorphosis. YANAR – Marriage and Family Counseling, Domestic Violence, workshop leadership, Focusing. Psychospiritualtherapy – Rabbi Efim Svirsky.