Craniosacral Energy Healing Treatments

Gentle touch and intuitive listening help the body realign and heal on many levels. Clients report deep relaxation, pain relief, and realignment–even when other forms of alternative medicine have failed.  (Session may include Brain Gym or Guided Healing adjunct.)

 Children heal each other’s pains and traumas through gentle touch and intuitive listening 

Craniosacral Energy Healing Workshops

Everyone from age 6 and up can be an effective craniosacral energy healer! Here are our workshops for Adults, Children, Parents of Babies ages 6 months to 1 year, and Grandparents. Plus a Master’s course for those who want a broader scope in their healing abilities.

For Adults (1 hour)

60 shekels/person

Learn the secrets of the best of Craniosacral Energy Healing:  

Grounding; Energy Flow; Laundry Lists; Multi-Level Healing; Instructions for Long Waits; Angels and Other Helpers; The Fish; The Tablecloth; Hand Placement; Signs of Release; Being Pushed Away. 

Be a seeker of truth—of the body’s truth. Hear the body’s answers and instructions in a way you never have before. Practice on a fellow student and receive a treatment in return!

For Children (30 min.)

40 shekels/child

A few minutes of instruction and then let’s begin! A practical course for children ages 6 and up.

For Parents & Baby 6-12 months (45 min.; weekly 6-8 weeks)

60 shekels/couple/meeting

Course covers Energy Flow; Laundry Lists; Multi-Level Healing; Instructions for Long Waits; Signs of Release. Optional: Angels and Other Helpers. Practicum includes treating the baby Lessons 2 & 5.

For Grandparents (30 min.; every other week for 4 sessions)

40 shekels/person

Because love is a tremendous boost to energy healing, some of the best healers are grandchildren working on their beloved grandparents–and vice versa! Children ages 6-12 who take the children’s course, above, can work in energy healing on you. This special Grandparents course includes everything you will need to know to work in energy healing on your own grandchildren, ages 6-12.

Master Class (5 hours)

200 shekels/person

Tips and explanations for more extensive practice of craniosacral energy healing, including:

·Adjuncts such as muscle testing, polarity, spontaneous still point;
·Additional paired practices; and
·Questions & Answers.

Photo Caption  Children heal each other’s pains and traumas through gentle touch and intuitive listening

Client Comments:

Craniosacral Energy Treatments

“I feel so peaceful….[Sara-Malka] was fabulous!”    Social Worker

“Extremely effective.”      Reiki Practitioner

“Amazed at your ability to tune in to my body…and respond to it.”     Social Worker

“The whole time, I felt my body saying ‘Thank you’ out of gratitude.”     Mother

“You really did listen to my body…. After each layer was released, another layer got cleared. And each layer became inaccessible…. It felt very wide, deep, far-reaching–like it was a lot bigger than just you and me.”     Psychologist

“Very expanding, very deep.”     Reiki Master

“Your hands felt like prayers.”     Art Teacher

“Very relaxing; deeper and more gentle than other therapies. The body begins to trust itself. A real communication begins: the body trusts the therapist’s direction and the therapist trusts the body’s direction. You feel an opening up just enough to allow healing to happen. Things inside yourself come alive. You feel the balancing of the fluid along with the different organs and the breath–like everything is being bathed by an ocean inside you. You start to feel yourself as a whole person. Your heart and your mind and your body become sensitive to each other and in sync. You really feel that the body has a soul. You start to hear your own self–your own soul–talking.     Ballet Dancer

“Why isn’t everyone doing craniosacral?”     Yoga Teacher

“I’ve never been so relaxed in my whole life–and I’ve done a lot of yoga and massage! This will last me the whole rest of my life!”     School Administrator

“Since I’ve been seeing you, I feel more alive….I love your energy!”  Tuina Practitioner

“My business consultant says he helps people get out of their own way. I think that’s what just happened here!”     Massage Therapist

“My 14 year old is much more relaxed and verbal.”     Rebbetzin

“I slept very well that night.”     Several clients
“Even after you finished, I felt toxins pouring out of my body.”     Social Worker

“Just before you said that my frontal bone lifted into place, I actually felt the bone moving!”    Snowboarder with multiple head injuries

“It made me give a better workshop…. People spend their entire lives trying to work as deeply as you do.”     Head, Massage School

“More clear, floating, bubbly, ready to stretch and do yoga. I still feel bubbly from the treatment yesterday!”     Survivor, Car Crash

“[Sara-Malka] was drawn to work on my left hip. Since the birth of my last baby, this spot has suffered bouts of incredible pain. In the last few months, I have tried massage, chiropractic adjustment, and a lot of yoga…I walked out of the treatment with a completely pain-free left hip!”    Camp Director

“In the past four months, I have reached a positive spiritual and emotional state that I have never been in before–such a blessing during my husband’s deployment [overseas]. It’s helped me get through it with strength and happiness. I attribute a lot of this switch in me to the experience I had with craniosacral. I didn’t realize until recently how much of a transformation had actually occurred. Is this really a possible outcome of opening up energy pathways in my body? I can’t figure out any other reason. I really feel that Hashem [God] sent you as a little shaliach [messenger] to bring me to a place that I was meant to be in during this stage in my life. Thank you!”      Mother

“It was a very special treatment that changed my life. I still think about it.”   Science Teacher

“I fell sitting down in a chair on Shabbat [Saturday]. My knees wouldn’t bend at all. I was in excruciating pain, couldn’t sleep all night, and couldn’t drive my daughter to her doctor’s appointment the next day.  There are some things that you know will pass, but I knew I would not get out of this, so that’s why I called you [on Sunday]. After your treatment, recovery was slow but I slept very well that night in my favorite position. The next day I could walk around the house without my stick and could drive. I am functional!”     Mother

“I have severe ADD. There are always five things going on in my head while I’m doing two others. When I studied for my Master’s degree, I had to take Ritalin each time I took a test.

“Four hours after the Craniosacral session, my head got quiet. I thought, “Oh, is this how life is like for other people? Is this how my husband is?” I can also respond to my own needs now. I feel like I found another dimension in myself.”    Teacher

Client Comments:

Craniosacral Energy Workshops

For Adults

“I wanted to learn how to follow my hands when giving a treatment and considered taking a 5-day course from an expert in my massage specialty. Now I know I can do it! Your workshop save me [the equivalent of] $2,000 in course costs!”    Participant

“I have a lot of things in my life that I used to delegate to others. I would hate to do really dirty dishes and would save them for the cleaning lady…. After the Craniosacral Energy Healing Workshop, I went home and did the dishes from several days ago without even thinking about it. Then I went to a party and danced for hours and wasn’t even tired when I went to bed. It was then that I realized how much had changed during the Workshop!”     Participant

For Children

Please give us homework!”   Several participants from Children’s Workshop

For Parents of 6-12 mo. Babies

“Wow! He really answers me!” Father, 10-month old son

“As soon as we approached your house, the baby got calmer and happier and the tension released from his body.”     Parents, Workshop participants