Heal your family’s past with Family Constellations—a group-supported journey, popular in Europe, to heal issues with health, wealth, peace, power, direction, joy. We’ll find and heal the hidden generational trauma behind the pain. Restore the love—Heal the problem!   More…


Gentle touch and intuitive listening help the body realign and heal on many levels.  More…


Guided Healing reaches the core issues in language, examples, and insights that you can appreciate. Beautiful solutions emerge. Clients report reduced physical and emotional pain—and more clarity and direction. More…

Energy Healing

Resolve inner conflicts and physical pain with more grace, joy, and peace. Craniosacral TherapyFamily Constellations, and Guided Healing combine to bring you the best of today’s powerful therapies. 

In Energy Healing, we tune into the energy of the body or situation and wait for directions. With humility, a light touch, a pure desire to help, and a lot of practice–the gifted therapist will know how to help the body self-correct, the mind reach truth, the soul fly.

When people come to me, their body and soul have been making a laundry list of whatever they want to work on: in priority order. We will not know how the body, mind, and soul want to heal. Sometimes a craniosacral session turns into guided healing and ends with an individual family constellation. Or the opposite! Body, mind, and soul will always interrupt the session (I call it “high-jacking”) to get done what they came for!

Some clients will find that their shoulder suddenly feels better. Others will get answers to whatever they need to focus on. Often the healing is on a more foundational level than the client thought to deal with–and the results more far-reaching….

It is hard to speak of deep healing without talking about God! If I help heal people’s conflicts and misconceptions in ways that speak to them, make sense to them, comfort them, and strengthen their unique capabilities and journeys–then it is natural that, once the body and emotions are soothed, clients find they can connect better to themselves and their Divinity. 

Guided by the unseen world, we can navigate–even benefit from–life’s ups and downs.