Shoshana Bar Asher

Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Doula, Relaxation. Specialist in Women’s Issues and Pregnancy. Modiin & Shaalavim. 054 594 5826

Michal Kleinburd

Tuina Massage (Chinese physical therapy)
– stiff neck
– frozen shoulder
– back pain/sciatica
– tennis elbow
– sore/weak muscles 
Professionally trained;  Reasonable Rates
Recommendations upon request
Women only   052-649-2710

Sara-Malka Laderman

Craniosacral Energy Healing, Family Constellations. ADD; back pain; hip pain; knee pain; difficulty getting married; feelings of abandonment, anxiety, burden, guilt, grief, lack of connection, lack of joy, lack of support, not having a place; osteoporosis. Most issues need only one session; sometimes two.   054 210 6994



Classified ads up to 300 characters: 30 shekels a month. 

Display ads (pdf) contain specific font, layout, and images. Priced by business card size (3.5 x 2 inches):

1 (3.5″ x 2″): 18 shek a month

2 (7″ x 2″ or 3.5″ x 4″): 22 shek a month

3 (10.5″ x 2″ or 3.5″ x 6″): 30 shek a month

4 (7″ x 4″): 42 shek a month

10% discount on yearly rates





A Holistic Health Perspective

Nutritional Science: Concepts, Controversies, Therapies by Janet Aiken, PhD

The first nutritional textbook to show how the body’s required nutrients work within body systems (digestive, circulatory, etc.). Readable and engaging, Professor Dr. Janet Aiken wrote this iconoclastic textbook to “tell it like it is!”  Only 30 copies left!  140 shekels. To order:  054 210 6994 or


Workshops in Craniosacral Energy Healing for Adults, Teens, Parents of Babies, Grandparents, & Kids. Sara-Malka Laderman 054 210 6994.